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Krenz-Vent Tripod Krenz-Vent Tripod Mount Mount



The Tripod Mount is best suited for temporary transformer cooling, or the unusual application where it is impossi ble to attach fans to the transformer radiator. Includes U-bolts. 

Krenz-Vent Stand Off Mount
Krenz-Vent Stand Off Mount


The Stand Off Mount is designed especially for small radiator applications, or where the radiator design does not allow flush mounting of the fans. When the Stand Off Mount is fastened to the radiator using the Flush Mount Kit provided (page 2), the fan may be positioned at an angle up to 40( from the radiator, thus increasing the area that the fan is cooling. Includes Flush Mount Kit and U-Bolts.  Krenz-Vent Stand Off Mount

Cords & Plugs
Plugs and Cords
Cords & Plugs Part Number
1 phase 3 pole Female Receptacle Pair CON-A8316
1 phase 3 pole Male plug & cord CON-A8319
1 phase 3 pole Female plug & cord Pair CON-A8318
1 phase 3 pole Male receptacle CON-A8317
3 phase 4 pole Female Receptacle Pair CON-A8320
3 phase 4 pole Male plug & cord CON-A8323
3 phase 4 pole Female plug & cord Pair CON-A8322
3 phase 4 pole Male receptacle CON-A8321
Cast aluminum Junction Box with cover ACC-A8563

Junction Box
Junction Box Cast aluminum junction box with cover. Box has two 3/4" FPT openings with 1/2" FPT reducers for power supply connection. Cover has two 1/2" FPT openings for one or two female receptacles or cords. One 1/2" MPT and one 3/4" MPT hole plugs are included if required. 


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